CYANETICA by Sebastiaan de Stigter - Unique objects and small series CYANETICA von Sebastiaan de Stigter - Einzelstücke und Kleinserien Cyanoprints, Cyanotypie, Blueprints - Original and modern Blaudrucken, Blaupausen - Original und gegenwartig Frankfurt am Main (Bockenheim), THIS IS NOT A TICKET SHOP - gallery, studio - HISTORY of the technique Cyanotypes are the earliest type of photographic printing technique, discovered in the 1840s. Its most-known application is for the the reproduction of large format technical drawings; the blueprints. Nowadays Cyanotypes are a niche alternative photographic process. CYANETICA the process Labour intensive process, resulting in a unique print. No two prints will ever be the same! The process involves many steps including: the preparation of a photosensitive emulsion, application to a medium, drying, creating a negative image using objects or film transparencies, exposure under UV light and developing and drying. Shadows of the negative image result in white areas in the print, while areas exposed reveal shades of blue. The themes include: Botanicals using found dried plants and flowers. Found objects Digital compositions/collages on transparencies Currently prints can be made up to 70x100cm. The works are offered as prêt-a-porter, unframed or framed in new or vintage/antique frames. Specific series or portraits are developed on commission.